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“Y E S A E T is created from the heart.

Y E S A E T is Artisanal Luxury, NY x Africa, inspired by centuries of ancient African Craft. 

It stems from, and is nurtured through, my roots in Africa', says founder Hiywet Mimi Girma, 'where I grew up surrounded with bountiful intricate textiles, bold colors, patterns and prints. I was born in Ethiopia, raised in the Cote d'Ivoire and the UK. My origins and exposure to textile and craftsmanship in Africa ignited my passion for textile innovation and fashion design. Textiles have always fascinated and inspired me - they are the starting point for a collection.'

In my 25-year career as a designer in New York, I saw first-hand the waste of resources that results from favoring the speed and never-ending cycle of fashion over the wellness of people and planet.

As a designer and a mother, I knew that the only way forward is to create responsibly - fashion and purpose must come together. Sustainability is no longer a choice. Ultimately, we need to choose the wellness of our planet and each other.

From my passion for artisan craft and luxury, timeless fashion and sustainability, Y E S A E T was born.

In Amharic, Y E S A E T means 'a wxman's work'/ 'of a wxman' and the brand's sustainable practices and priorities are designed to capture and reflect wxmen's strength, focus and resilience. 

I recently fulfilled a lifelong dream and returned to my roots in Ethiopia to not only connect with my heritage, but also embrace and learn more about the art of weaving integral to my culture, with the goal to source for Y E S A E T.

Every day was an adventure, a sensual immersion in beauty, craft, human and cultural connection. But the culmination of my trip was completely unexpected: an invitation to visit an artisan studio and member of the World Fair trade organization, to learn how to weave. 

That day, while I passed the shuttle back and forth slowly across the loom, the quick, musical rhythm of cloth woven by the artisans around me filled the space. The energy and pride of the weavers was palpable as they guided, shared, smiled, and wove.



It was an emotional, inspiring moment – a dream come true.

My lifelong love of textiles, born in my African childhood and cultivated in my career as a New York designer was brought back full circle that morning. 


I often draw on the energy and inspiration that filled me that day at the weaving studio, and I’m reminded that our dreams are at our fingertips. 

The beauty of African craft partnered with small local production ateliers in NY is something I am proud to showcase through Y E S A E T.

We connect past, present and future towards a healthier world."

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